Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to the most common questions in the railcar storage industry

What is Viper railcar storage and what do you do?

Viper Railcar Storage is a storage company for rail cars that specializes in the chemical and petroleum industry handling storage for rail cars that are hazardous or non hazardous, loaded or empty.


Why should I use Viper Railcar Storage?

Because we have pre-established sites across the United States we save you time by offering our services at these pre-established sites so you don’t have to look yourself.


What type of cars do you store?

We store any type of private marked rail cars.


Where do you have storage sites?

Because we have established sites across the country, we cover the whole US and can have railcars to your facility within 5 to 7 days from our closest site.

Please see our location map for major locations.


What does it costs to store railcars?

Our average rates range from $4 per car per day up to $10 per car per day depending on the location. Switch rates range from $125 per car in and out up to $300 per car in and out. Some states like California may be higher due to population centers.


What do I need to do to store with Viper?

All you need to do is have insurance on your cars with proof of an insurance certificate, contact us with what area of the country you need storage at, by phone or email, and we will do the rest. A standard one page contract with Insurance and your are set to go.


How much experience do you have?

36 years with a Class I RR experience and 10 years in the storage business.