The Railcar Storage Process

Coal Railcar Storage

A common question to those new in the railcar storage world is how the railcar storage process works. Here’s a nice article we’ve written up to tell you about the whole process of how railcar’s are stored.

Below is the easy process when a business determines that it must store or park excess railcars:

First determine how many rail cars are to be stored, whether they are empty or not, and then determine the location desired to be stored. This is usually close to the origin load out site if empties or the final destination if the cars are loads. This is not always the case and in between origin and destination may work just as well and be cheaper, so be willing to be flexible on sites.

You then need to determine how long the cars will need to be stored and if the cars will come out first in first out or last in first out. Releasing cars by car number rather than last in first out will be more expensive unless communicated up front to the storage yard. Most loads can be released in any order, however most RR’s prefer last in first out for the empties.

You are now ready to determine locations and prices. This is where Viper makes it easy for you as we have predetermined locations and rates in place for quicker quotes saving you time in finding locations for storage. We also can offer flexibility in sites to choose from this list of predetermined locations.

Once rates and location have been determined and quoted, Viper offers a basic one page contract for signature with your insurance certificate as proof of insurance and cars can begin to roll to the storage yard.

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